Make Youth Sports Work for Your Family!

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and the Greater Scranton YMCA understands that youth sports can be a big commitment – but there are ways to make it work! The Y offers many options, including financial assistance for community members who cannot afford full program fees. Our youth sports programs take place right here at the Greater Scranton YMCA, located in Dunmore, PA, so travel costs are not an issue. You can also play sports with your children and stay active together at the Y, taking advantage of open gym and pool times.

Remember, children and teens need 60 minutes of activity every day and sports can help them get it! Weekly practices and classes build activity into their routine while giving them all 3 types of activity they need:

· Aerobic (making their hearts beat faster, like running)

· Muscle Strengthening (building muscle with activities like throwing)

· Bone Strengthening (activities like jumping)

When children and teens can do a mix of activities – like running, jumping, skating, swimming, throwing and playing – they get the mix they need to stay healthy!

Visit us online to learn more about our Y sports programs today!



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