The YMCA is known as a place where an individual can seek community, connection and physical wellness. Through the Wellbeing Initiative we seek to add to that legacy by also making the YMCA a place where individuals, families and the community can go in order to cultivate and strengthen their emotional and mental health and wellness.

We believe in the pursuit of health, happiness, recovery and a full and satisfying life in the community. We acknowledge that each individuals path will be different, but by addressing every aspect of one’s wellness we can help improve a person’s life. Since we believe that cultivating and strengthening an individual’s emotional and mental health and wellness is a critical component to one’s overall health and wellness, all programming through to the Wellbeing Initiative will be FREE to participants.

The Wellbeing Initiative will offer the YMCA and our community a myriad of opportunities to enhance and support their emotional and mental health and wellness. We will do this through a combination of educational and awareness programming, specialized instruction, social-emotional learning, workshops and seminars, community collaborations, as well as connection to community resources and services.