Early Childhood Education at the Greater Scranton YMCA

The Greater Scranton YMCA offers amazing learning experiences in its Early Learning Center. 

The center features a toddler program for children ages 1-2 and a full day preschool program for children ages 3-6, both of which are aligned with Pennsylvania Learning Standards. Children in our play-centered toddler program are guided through development in learning areas including speech and language development, social and emotional growth, physical and motor activities and creative expression.

Children begin preschool at three years of age. Our preschool program is child-centered using the Creative Curriculum with learning areas in creative arts, language and literacy, mathematics, social & emotional development, large motor activities (including swim lessons), science and social studies. Learning activities and group lessons are repeated to provide optimal experiences for all children, including those that attend part-time.

“Y the Y? It was an easy decision as to where we would send our daughter to preschool because we were already familiar with what some of the other kids’ programs the YMCA had to offer and were impressed with them. We wanted a preschool that was fun, interesting and diverse & the YMCA definitely provided all that and more. Our daughter is a happy, confident and very curious little 5-year-old that is more than ready for kindergarten because the Y reinforced the goals and values that we found important for our child – such as respect, honesty, responsibility and commitment. Of course, she learned the educational basics, but the cherry on top was learning how to swim with no bubble!” – Early Learning Center Parent

For more information on the Greater Scranton YMCA’s Early Learning Center, visit www.greaterscrantonymca.org or contact Leigh Miller, Education Director, at (570) 346-5003 or [email protected].


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